“The churches must not only teach humility, but also learn it.”

Dr. Vincent Tchamy

Our Pastor

Showing You the Way

Dr. Vincent Tchamy

Dr. Vincent Tchamy

Senior Pastor

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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the IMG Germany website. I can assure you that you have landed here in the right place.
to find bread that can satisfy your hunger for truth and wine that can quench your soul's thirst for eternal life.
The greatest lack of our generation is something, or rather someone, worth trusting. The world gives us many reasons, but are these reasons really worth trusting?
I would like to introduce you to someone who will surely inspire and bless you if you give Him a chance to show His greatness and glory in your life by believing in Him. His name is Jesus Christ. He is not a philosophy or a mere idea, but a real person who exists and rewards those who seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6).

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